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(National Cadet Corps)

NCC Introduction

NCC as an organisation has unified the youth, not only of our country, but has made significant efforts to interact with the youth of other countries through YEP (Youth Exchange Programme), thus expanding the scope of its training and the ultimate goal of attaining Unity.

1. The aims of NCC are:-
(a) To develop qualities of Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure and Ideals of selfless service in the cadets.
(b) To create a human resource of organised, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership.
in all walks of life who will serve the nation regardless of which career they choose. (c) To provide an environment conducive to motivating young Indians to choose the Armed Forces as a career.

Aims of NCC

Objectives of NCC

The objectives of the NCC are:-
(a) Train volunteer youth to become confident, committed and competent leaders in all walks of life.
(b) Enhance awareness levels of cadets to become responsible citizens of the country.
(c) Provide opportunities and encourage cadets to enrich their knowledge, develop communication skills and build character.
(d) Conduct social activities and community development programmes, to make constructive contributions toward society.
(e) Undertake adventure activities to hone leadership qualities and risk-taking abilities.
(f) Provide a platform to launch “Goodwill Ambassadors” to project the image of country overseas.
(g) Conduct military training to develop awareness about Armed Forces, leadership skills and military values thus, provide an environment to motivate cadets to join the Armed Forces.

1. The aim of Camps is to impart collective training to the cadets with special emphasis on the development of qualities of leadership. Special emphasis is laid on Development of Team Spirit and Leadership Qualities and comprehensive training in Drill, WT, Hygiene and Sanitation, Social Service etc.
2. It is imperative that all camps be planned in consultation with all agencies including Educational institutions, District Administration and the Director of Public Instruction / Education well before the commencement of the year and all concerned be intimated of date and location well in advance.


Types of Camps

NCC conducts the following types of Camps:
(a) Annual Training Camps/Combined Annual Training Camps (ATCs/ CATCs).
(b) Centrally Organised Camps (COC).
(c) Military Attachment Camp.
(d) Attachment Training IMA/OTA

NCC Conducted Activities in DBATU

Republic Day Celebration

Army Day Celebration

Maharashtra day Celebration

Yoga day

Independence Day

Kargil Vijay Diwas

26/11 Tridute

We the cadets of the National Cadet Corps,
do solemnly pledge that we shall always uphold the unity of India.
We resolve to be disciplined and responsible citizens of our nation.
We shall undertake positive community service in the spirit of selflessness
and concern for our fellow beings.