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(Association Of Computer Engineering Students)

ACES WEEK 2021-22

Purpose: The purpose of ACES WEEK  is to learn various language & Technical activities to new students in a friendly atmosphere and to encourage their skills & creative impulses to boost their confidence. It is the day when seniors and juniors finally bond and unite to play fun events of ACES WEEK in the Computer Department.

Data: In ACES, Final Year & Third Year B.Tech students organized ACES WEEK for First Year and Second Year students from 18th March 2022 to 22nd March 2022. The program started with ACES WEEK’s inauguration. Senior students arranged many activities for S.Y & F.Y which included Technical & Fun events where everyone got a chance to showcase their talent. Refreshments were served in between the program. The event was finally concluded with Winners & Learners. This program was coordinated by all ACES coordinators and helpers.

1. Technical & Fun Events

Code Karona 2.0

Your favorite Codechef Chapter is back with a great program. We are glad to host our event in the upcoming ACES Week.” Code करोना 2.0” will light your progress path towards competitive programming.

The event will comprise various learning sessions, fun activities, and coding contests. Overall 5 days program will help you to build an approach to tackle programs.

▪️Enrollment Fees: ₹50

▪️6 hours of learning sessions

▪️Limited seats

▪️Exciting Gifts worth 9000

 Note: Contests are separate for each year’s students.

Ps: Participate to standout among students by excelling in programming skills

Keep learning, keep coding.🙌

Hey Techies,👨‍🎓👩‍🎓

Now its time to take a sip of Code with your coffee cup☕☕

In this ACES WEEK 2k22,
Computer department presents
👨‍💻👩‍💻 WebHunt .👩‍💻👨‍💻

Features of the WebHunt

1. Workshop 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫
–> Participants will learn to design and develop websites.
–> Frontend Development workshop for new learners
–> Seminar on Web hosting.

2. Certificate

3. Competition
♧♧♧Round 1 : ✍🏻
—-> Aptitude test and quiz based on Workshop

♧♧♧Round 2:👨‍💻
—-> Designing a given Webpages.

♧♧♧ Round 3 :👩‍💻
—-> Designing and Developing a complete website.
(On the basis of workshop knowledge )

Groups for the Competition

Group B.1:
–> All first and second-year students

Group B.2 :
–> All third and final year students.

💰 Entry fee💰
Web Development: Rs.50

🎉🏆 Prizes 🏆🎊
Total prize money: Rs 6000
(Prize will be distributed group-wise)

😎 Investment to take knowledge is the best investment😎







Why fear when we are here!!😉

Lear all about the Recruitment Drives conducted by companies.


🔸 Aptitude + Verbal Test

🔹 You have to appear for the offline test of aptitude.

🔹 According to your performance in this test you will be selected/ eliminated for the next rounds.

🔸 Group Discussion :

🔹 If you are eligible for this round then you have to participate in a group discussion.

🔹 Our faculty will be the judge for this round and the result of this will be on the basis of your performance.

🔸 Technical Round 1 – Coding round :

🔹 In this round you have to solve some coding problems.

🔸 Technical Round 2 – Interview :

🔹 In this round you are going to interview by the interview panel.

🔹 Interview will be based on technical knowledge.

🔸 HR Interview :

🔹 This is the last step of our mock recruitment drive.

🔹 If you are eligible for this round then you have to undergo this last interview.

Hurry up!!!!

Entry Fee: 50/- only.          You can pay the entry fees on the UPI I’d given in the poster or can pay cash also.

Complete Placement Orientated Experience🤝🏻

Every age has its storytelling form, and video gaming is a huge part of our culture, but behind this online world we are forgetting our childhood that we had to spend offline.

So this ACES week we will take you back to your offline world with amazing games with encompassing thrill, fun, and full of enjoyment with

💀’ The waking dead ‘ 💀

Get your team ready and join us in this death party ☠️.

Kyu ki ,”Thodi भूतियापंती bhi jaroori hai ” 👻

Win exciting prizes and gifts 🎁


Namira Mujawar:7083854080

Amol Chavan: 9112430304

Google form link

Sometimes dead is better 👽

The Walking DEAD



Games have been fueling a lot of souls since the birth of mankind. Well in this modern era the method of gaming has changed drastically but the ultimate purpose is still the same i.e. to grant inner peace whilst fueling the rage inside you.

Rise Up Gamers!

Get ready with your Top Game and accurate Aim.  Let’s get set with crazy gaming tags to enter an even crazier event of the ACES week LAN GAMING. It’s time to be in your zone and win some prize money💰 along with a lot of thrill and fun.🤜🤛🔥 So, awake the gamer within you & let’s see how far can you go? We hope you are charged up. Because It’s a game on❗


Entry fees : 250/-squad (50/-per head)

🏅Prize : 1500/-


Entry fees : 200/- squad (50/-per head)

🏅Prize : 1200/-

NFS-Most Wanted 🚔

Entry fees : 50/-per head

🏅Prize : 500/-


Entry fees – 30/-per head

🏅Prize : 300/-


Mihir Baghele  : 8408019215

Pranav Jagtap : 9766537007

Fill in the details with your gaming tag asap

✨ Greetings from the ACES department✨

As ACES week is approaching and you must be surely excited for that…….just to multiply your excitement, our FY COMP branch is organizing a technical event “CODE HUNT“……
Its a 3-day event consisting of 3 rounds
Round 1- Coding round
Round 2-The Treasure hunt
And round 3 will be a suspense for you all😉
Number of members in a team-3
Entry fee- ₹50/team
Those who are interested in participating can directly contact us……
Parth = +91 77098 49744
Shreya Chaudhary = +91 95794 59170


2. Cultural Events

Greetings from the ACES Cultural Team

Here’s a quick 📌 reminder📌 for all of you,

There’s a 💃 Cultural Event, for that you have to register your performance with your cultural coordinator.

Solo Dance, 🕺Group Dance, 🎤Singing, 🎭 Drama, and any 🎸instrumental performance🎹 is permissible.

📌 Note📌 :- There’ll exciting prizes for 🏆 winners🏆 and cultural performances will consider as competition.

🗒️ Go register your performance now!

Use this link to register your performance



If you have any queries regarding the event/theme or general queries related to a cultural event 📞 feel free to contact:-

➡️ Harshal Chaudhary (Cultural Secretary):- 86058 73127

➡️ Jayesh Patil:- 7066370118

➡️ Bhargavi Deshmukh:- 9307571988

Register your performance by tomorrow morning 17/04/2022

3. Sport Events