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(Association Of Computer Engineering Students)


Association Of Computer Engineering Students (ACES) , a group of people who will help you to improve your personality and skills through various types of events. We conduct Programs which are arranged for the students of the computer department like technical events, cultural events, sports events, etc. to develop their skills and technical knowledge. This association itself is working for the students by the students. ACES committee contains the following roles:

The entire ACES committee is working under the guidance of the faculty coordinator of ACES Dr. M. D. Laddha.

Our goal is to improve one’s overall personality not only in the academic part but also by developing qualities like communication skills, leadership, etc. working in this association fully depends on students which gives them a sense of responsibility and encourages them to be independent.


Also, develop their teamwork. We have successfully organized events like logo making competition, women’s day a video making competition, freshers’ parties some of them were online and offline. We got a lot of responses from students which encouraged us to conduct more programs for students.


To provide a suitable environment for students to be good communicators and technical leaders. 

We work to enhance the demonstrated employability skills and a commitment to professionalism.

 We encourage students to learn independently and give proper guidance to master new tools in their respective professions.

To develop qualities of students like leadership, and the ability to communicate effectively to acquire new technologies.

To involve students with extracurricular activities ahead of the academic part for skill-building experience.


Students will possess the ability to think logically and have the capacity to understand technical problems and design optimal solutions for a successful career in the industry.

Students will have the ability to work as a team and work on their interpersonal skills, leadership quality, and entrepreneurial skills.

Demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge in the discipline of computer science.

Students will have the potential to apply their expertise and current technologies across multiple disciplines to solve real-world challenges and research issues.

Students will possess an urge to learn continuously and to be responsive to the demands of the progressive industrial world by carrying out research in frontier areas of computer science and engineering. 

To impart skills necessary for adapting to rapid changes taking place in the field of information and communication technology.


To prepare computer science students for jobs in the industry, business, or government sector.

To provide support for students in engineering, mathematics, and other fields requiring computer skills.

To make students participate in every kind of competition in order to develop a personality.

To polish the computing skills of the students.

To improve students’ performance in order to work with its team.

To inculcate creative ideas among computer science students.

ACES Coordinators

Aditya Navgare (President)

The president will provide overall leadership and direction to the association, and establish short and long term objectives and goals for the betterment of ACES. The president is responsible to approve all press release newsletters, electronic communication, and other publications. Lead all committees of an association to ensure continuity by providing opportunities for new leadership to develop. Also, responsible to maintain the communication between ACES faculty coordinator and ACES student committee.

Aishwarya Rudrawar (Vice president)

The Vice President of ACES plans activities & events for overall growth of Computer Engineering students. In absence of the President, the vice president heads the ACES along with coordinators. Thus vice President promotes healthy competency, friendly environment, and sheer understanding among all the students of ACES.

Rushikesh Thakare and Nupur Sawant (Sports secretary)

To manage sports in the Computer Department. Arrange matches with other departments during Ransangram. Create a schedule of all sports matches in ACES week. Represent the Computer Department at University sports meetings. And creating a budget for Sports equipment.

Tushar Patil and Bhargavi Deshmukh ( Cultural secretary)

The Cultural Secretary holds the responsibility of management and guidance of all the cultural events and activities of ACES. It focuses on increasing student interaction by conducting various competitions and events and gives a platform to bring out hidden talent among students and represent themselves at the departmental and institute levels.

Shadab Shaikh (Treasurer)

Primary duties of Treasurer include budget planning, financial reporting, record-keeping, and managing incoming and outgoing funds. Oversees all financial transactions and fundraising efforts going in or out of an organizing committee. Treasurer has to ensure that bank accounts are managed well, cash and cheque are deposited, bills are paid, records are kept, budgets are prepared and adhered to and incoming as well as outgoings are backed properly.

Message from ACES head 2021-22

 It gives me immense pleasure to introduce the Association Of Computer Engineering Students(ACES).

DBATU ACES (estd. 1887) has a proud tradition of translating knowledge into India’s young millennials. ACES is an impactful committee created by talented students who want DBATU to stay one step ahead. ACES is a temple of learning and a convocation with a futuristic vision. ACES works diligently to realize its mission of providing the best learning, teaching and research opportunities to students and academicians. ACES will never stop supplying students with the basics of modern knowledge and high values. Aces has always garnered various recognitions and awards for the imprints it has left in the field of education. On behalf of ACES, I cordially invite you to participate in the various competitions and activities taken on a regular basis. ACES has a prominent space in students because of its  inclusive policies, innovative work, and the impactful engagement of our faculty, students, and staff.

Let us join hands and support ACES in its quest for excellence!!

– Dr. Manjushree Laddha (Head of ACES and Professor of Computer Engineering)

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