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About M. Tech.

Master of Technology (M.Tech) which is one of the highly popular and credible post gradate program in respective discipline. M.Tech. is among the universal accepted post graduate degree program being offered by all top rated universities and colleges. Most of the M.Tech courses are of 2 years of duration where the students need to pass through their extensive education in particular field of engineering or technology.

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Why Choose Computer Branch

Computing is part of everything we do. Such as, expertise in computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems. Computing drives innovation in the sciences, engineering and business:- Like the human genome project, medical vaccine research, robotic atomation in Automobile Sector, environmental monitoring and protection. Computer science is challenging, and yet dynamic. It requires people in the field to be keep learning and pushing the limit. That fast-pacing innovation of technology never stops amazing us, which excites us innate curiosity even more.

Why choose us.
Pursuing a degree in this field can provide you knowledge and skills and along with you passion to bring changes to people's daily lives starting from mobile application. you want to be a part of this evolution of technology.
Our strength
Our belief future opportunities in computing are without boundaries.
Our services
we expertise in computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems.
Our Experience
computing is making a positive difference in the world.
computing offers great opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Department of Computer

As industry, education, and lifestyles take new forms in an increasingly computer-dominated world, there has been an increased emphasis and need to understand the role of computers as problem solving machines. Computer science—the study of algorithms and their implementations—is one of the key fields upon which our future will be constructed.

Computer science is a vital new field, with the exciting intellectual challenges that entails. New ideas are constantly being explored, new tools are being developed, and new questions being asked. The industrial reliance on computer scientists is unceasing, and the need for innovative approaches to new problems has never been greater.

Likewise, the use of computers in everyday life has changed our approach to education, both from within the field and in all facets of lifelong learning. In the Department of Computer Science, students gain the knowledge and skills necessary for effective participation in the developing technological revolution.