Computer Department

About Department

The Department of Computer Engineering is established in 1995 with intake capacity of 60 students. The main objective was to start B. Tech in Computer Engineering under this University to provide technical and professional manpower to the IT Industry. Furthermore, University will provide opportunity to the young and talented minds of kokan region, state of Maharashtra. Later, in the year 2001 Department of Computer Engineering started M. Tech in Computer Engineering with intake capacity of 18 and also started PhD program in the year 2007. Now, as per the Sections 3 (3) and 4 (1) of Chapter II of the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University Act, XXIX 2014, the University is an affiliating technical University and the territorial limits, within which the powers conferred upon the University by this Act, shall comprise of the whole of Maharashtra and it may affiliate any college, or institution conducting engineering, pharmacy, architecture, hotel management and catering technology courses for the conferment of degrees, diplomas or grant certificates to the students admitted therein.

Department Vision

The department is committed to achieving academic excellence through education and research 

in the emerging and established areas of computer science and engineering.

Department Mission

Building the capacities of young students to realize their professional and academic dreams.

Department Goal

Our goal is to provide state of the art courses in Computer Science and Engineering discipline.

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University Strategic Plan

As the State Technical University we aim to work most effectively when motivated by the common values- Openness, Commitment, Integrity, Innovation and Success in Societal relevance.


The University is open to all and the inclusiveness embraces diversity, respecting the perspectives and contributions of all, students, faculty, staff and society.


We agree to be consistently honest and fair in our dealings with others, respect each other’s interests and abilities to work together towards a common goal of achieving excellence.


We aim to innovate, espouse the academic rigour and work together to find local solutions to the problems facing the society but having global reach.


The Faculty, Students and Staff are committed to the mission of the University of providing quality technical education and to become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in engineering Education.

Success in Societal relevance

We continually strive to be better by applying creative solutions to problems in rapidly changing technology landscape. We commit to respond to the needs of colleagues, students, research funders, sponsors and visitors in a helpful, timely and sensitive manner.

Our Recruiters

Distinguished Alumni

“Life changing moment lives in DBATU college campus. One of the best college in Maharashtra. “


Ashish Tendulkar

“One of the best days in my life lived at DBATU university. Learns lots of things from DBATU.”


Vijay Bhuse

“The computer department takes efforts for the development of students. every year faculties Initiate new ideas in teaching to learn easily. “


“I lots of learned from BATU University. Computer department every year take new initiative efforts for the development of students. “


Pinki Roy